Library Rules

1.Students are allowed to borrow books as per the quota for a period of seven days only at a time.

2.Students are required to submit requisition for books mentioning title and author of the books one day before their due day.

3.No underlining or dog-earing shall be made in any books borrowed from the library nor any picture or page be removed from it. In such cases the borrower will have to replace the book.

4.A student who keeps a book for more than seven days shall be liable to pay Re. 1 “overdue” charges per day for the excess number of days.

5.Periodicals, Magazines, Newspapers, Journals and such other books are not issued to the students. However such books can be consulted in the reading room.

6.The books from the BOOK BANK are issued to those students who are poor and meritorious. These books are issued for one academic year on payment of one tenth of the actual cost of the book. Students desirous of borrowing books from the book bank are required to apply to the Principal in the Prescribedproforma after notice to this effect is published.

The College Library has nearly 10,000 books in general section and 500 books in the Book Bank. The members of the staff, students and other persons specially permitted by the Principal may use the library. The library remains open from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. every day. Books are issued to the students as per the following schedule.
a) Monday -(+3) 3rd Year Arts& +2 Commerce 1st Year b) Tuesday -(+3) 2nd Year Arts& +3 Science 1st Year c) Wednesday -(+3) 1st Year Arts& +2 Commerce 2ndYear d) Thursday -(+2) 2nd Year Arts& +3 Science 2ndYear e) Friday -(+2) 1st Year Arts f) Saturday -(+2) 1st& 2nd Year Science QUOTA: a) +2 Classes -2 Books b) +2 Classes -3 Books c) +2 Hons -5 Books

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