From the Principal’s Desk:

The Vision, Mission and clear foresight for a distant future to empower women of this under developed and under privileged tribal area of Sundargarh District in the state of Odishahas finally got a concrete shape after 37 years of establishment of this institution. Sri.PanalalAgrawal and Sarbati Devi, the two great visionaries of this area dreamed of to empower women of this region as they could not send their own daughter to a faraway place for higher education. The dream has become real and thousands of girls are getting higher education every year as the institution has become an important centre of learning for women of this District as well as other parts of the state.

I am privileged and proud to present the IIQA and SSR to the Hon’ble Peer team of NAAC with my team who have worked day in and day out to give it a shape with all the information of the institution.

The academic as well as co-curricular & extracurricular achievements of the institution have been possible due to consistent and dedicated effort of the members of staff during all these years since the 1st cycle of NAAC Peer team visit to the College. All the shortfalls and lapses have been taken care of and the institution has achieved a certain level of credibility of excellence. Looking forward to welcome the Peer team to this small but beautiful College to assess and appreciate our small efforts. With a lot of Thanks and warm regards,

(Sri C.M. Patel)
S. D. Women’s College, Rajgangpur

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