General Rules

  • 1.Before a student is admitted in to the College she or her guardian has to sign an undertaking in the prescribed form to the effect that the student shall abide by the rules of the College.
  • 2.Each student shall register in the College Office the address at which she lives. She must notify to the office about subsequent changes.
  • 3.Bicycle should be pad locked and should not be kept on the College Verandah.
  • 4.A student should deposit her application in the box meant for the purpose and should not submit it directly to the Principal.
  • 5.All students who wish to obtain leave of absence must get it sanctioned before they actually absent themselves. In special cases such as illness, when it is not possible to obtain leave in advance, the application should be sent by post or submitted immediately after returning to the College.
  • 6.Students of the College are forbidden to be a member of (i) any outside Athletic Club or any type of society, (ii) to play for team(s) other than the College team without securing permission from the Principal.
  • 7.When a team of students is sent by the College away from Rajgangpur for any purpose, the members of the team must obtain leave from the Principal before their departure. Boarders must obtain permission of the superintendent also for accompanying the College team.
  • 8Students must observe the following rules of discipline:
    • a)Spitting on the walls, floor, pillars or doors of the College is strictly prohibited.
    • b)They are forbidden to loiter on the corridors. They should remain in the common room when they don’t have any class.
    • c)They are prohibited from climbing on the College roof.
    • d)They are warned not to handle bicycle and vehicles other than their own.
    • e)They are warned not to tamper with the electrical fittings in the class room and outside.
    • f)Misbehaviour for any student at matches or any other functions will be strictly dealt with.
    • g)Damage of any goods/furniture of the College will be dealt with strictly.
  • 9.Scribbling, pasting placards, posters or any other paper or otherwise disfiguring the College wall is strictly prohibited.
  • 10.Students attending political meeting should so conduct themselves as not to bring themselves in to undesirable prominence and must not take active part in the proceedings.
  • 11.Students should stand in queue while waiting at any counter of the College office.
  • 12.Concerted absence without leave for one or more days on the part of the students is a serious breach of discipline of the College.
  • 13.Students just abide by such hygienic principles and submit themselves to such antiepidemic procedure as would be laid down by the Principal.
  • 14.Boarders must abide by the Hostel Rules.
  • 15.All students must abide by the Library rules.
  • 16.Ragging is strictly forbidden and punishable.

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