Members Of Teaching Staff

  Name Qualification Designation Mobile No.
1. Principal & Reader in English
  Sri J. Parida M.A Reader 9437244027
2. Department of English
  Sri J. Parida M.A Reader 9437244027
  Mrs. N. Dungdung M.A., M. Phil Lecturer 9438574618
  Ms. Akanksha Lakra M.A Lecturer 9406045939
  Ms. Rajbala Sharma M.A Lecturer (Part time) 7873063836
3. Department of Odia.
  Mrs. Sanjukta Mohanty M.A Reader 9437529547
  Mrs. Sarita Kindo M.A., M. Phil. Lecturer 9437532286
  Ms. Rajani Oram M.A Lecturer 9776778409
4. Department of Hindi.
  Sri J.P. Kanaujia M.A. Reader 8093535270
  Ms. Smruti Rekha Nayak M. A., M.Phil Lecturer 7749026444
5. Department of Economics.
  Vacant - - -
  Sri S.K. Panda M.A Lecturer 9238582320
  Mr. Sukant Kumar Xalxo M.A Lecturer 9777006742
6. Department of Political Science.
  Dr. (Mrs.) K. Agrawal M.A., Ph. D Lecturer (Group-A) 9776009968
  Ms. Bikashlota Soreng M.A Lecturer 8457054702
  Ms. Sarika Bilung M.A Lecturer 7894039191
7. Department of History.
  Vacant - - -
  Vacant - - -
  Ms. Surekha Lakra M.A Lecturer (Part time) 9777959248
8. Department of Education.
  Sri C.M. Patel M.A., B.Ed Lecturer 7077527101
  Sri. Bipin Choudhury M A., M.Phil Reader 7008635162
  Mrs. S.R. Koley M.A. B.Ed., LLb, F.Arts Lecturer 9937106618
  Dr. (Mrs.) S Lenka M. A., P. hd. Lecturer 9937888117
9. Department of Home Science.
  Mrs. N. Mishra M.A., B. Ed Reader 9438483721
  Mrs. M. Tripathy M.A., B. Ed Reader 8895941087
10. Department of Physics.
  Ms. Swati Das M Sc. Lecturer 7978774652
  Ms. Anamika Mahapatra B. Sc. Demonstrator 9090987289
11. Department of Chemistry.
  Mrs. K. Burh M Sc. Lecturer 9437111436
  Mr. K K Naik B. Sc. Demonstrator -
12. Department of Maths.
  Sri R.K. Mahapatra M Sc. B.Ed Lecturer 9437534728
13. Department of Botany.
  Mrs. Reshan Ara Begum M.Sc. M.Phil Lecturer 9178791951
  Ms. Prachetasa Dash B. Sc. Demonstrator 9040517371
14. Department of Zoology.
  Mrs. S. Ekka M.Sc. M.Phil Lecturer 9437901895
  Ms. Sarita Biswal B. Sc. Demonstrator 7381857101
15. Department of Commerce
  Mr. Anil Kumar Satapathy M. Com Lecturer 7537885261

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